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Type: Presentation
Title: Innovations in Nursing Health Care Leadership: Advanced Nursing Practice
Innovations in Nursing Health Care Leadership: Advanced Nursing Practice
Conference Sponsor:Sigma Theta Tau International
Conference Year:2003
Author:Micevski, Vaska, RN, MScN, ACNP, CCN(C)
P.I. Institution Name:University Health Network
Title:Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Program
Co-Authors:Lori K. Korkola, RN, MN, ACNP; Sonia Sarkissian, RN, MScN, ACNP; Virginia Mulcahy, RN, MSc, ACNP, CON(C), AOCN; Cindy Shobbrook, RN, MN, ACNP; Linda Belford, RN, MN, ACNP; Lexie Kells, RN, (EC), BScN, PHCNP
Background The literature supports that the global paradigm shift occurring as a result of radical transformations in knowledge and technology is significantly changing the context of health care delivery. In this environment, the contributions of the health professions are vital in ensuring the health care system adapts to meet the needs of today’s patient. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) at University Health Network have developed a Framework for Advanced Nursing Practice which clearly articulates all dimensions of the leadership role APNs play in carving out innovative approaches to patient care and organizational and professional leadership. Purpose This presentation will describe the formal methods and consultative process undertaken to build consensus and develop the Framework, as well as present and describe the Framework. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of next steps, focusing on outcomes evaluation, and the potential impact of the Framework on the development of other innovative advance practice nursing roles across Canada
Repository Posting Date: 26-Oct-2011
Date of Publication: 17-Oct-2011
Sponsors: Sigma Theta Tau International
Appears in Collections: STTI Biennial Convention

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