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Type: Presentation
Title: The Effect of Education on the Knowledge and Attitude toward Child Sexual Abuse in School Nurses in Korea
The Effect of Education on the Knowledge and Attitude toward Child Sexual Abuse in School Nurses in Korea
Conference Sponsor:Midwest Nursing Research Society
Conference Year:2002
Author:Bai, Jeungiee
P.I. Institution Name:Inje University
Title:Assistant Professor
Contact Address:Department of Nursing, 607 Obang-dong, Kimhae, Kyungham, 621-749, Korea
Contact Telephone:82.55.334.7111.8
Purposes: to find out the effects of education for prevention of sexual abuse (rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment etc.) of children in school nurses Theoretical & Conceptual framework: Incidences of sexual abuse in Korea is ranked 3rd in the world. Sexual abuse of children, particularly, is one of the most serious crimes that affect both the victimized children and their family. The issue related to sexual abuse of children has been ignored, and there is a lack of systematic education to prevent sexual abuse of children either for children or their parents in Korea. Furthermore, lack of knowledge and poor attitude of teachers limit their capability to provide education for sexual abuse prevention to the children. The education for teachers may change their knowledge of the sexual abuse and their attitude toward it and improve their capability in helping children. Sample: 126 Korean school nurses in elementary school participated in this study. Method: One group pretest-posttest design. The education given to the subjects included 2 hours of lecture. The education program was developed based on a survey. School- aged-children, parents, and teachers were interviewed to reveal their educational needs based on their experiences related to sexual abuse. This program includes such as safety education, crisis management, resource person(s), and phone numbers of available hospital. Data was collected before, during and after the education was given to the subjects, to assess their knowledge and attitude toward child sexual abuse. The analysis of the data was done with SPSS PC+ for descriptive statistics, t-test and ANOVA. Results & Conclusion: 1. After education, the score of school nurses°¯ knowledge was higher than before (t=7.089, p=0.0001). 2. After education, the score of school nurses°¯ attitude was higher than before (t=3.09, p=0.02). The findings from this study will provide an intervention strategy for prevention of sexual abuse in children.
Repository Posting Date: 26-Oct-2011
Date of Publication: 17-Oct-2011
Sponsors: Midwest Nursing Research Society
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