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Type: Presentation
Title: OR to PACU Hand-Off Communication
OR to PACU Hand-Off Communication
Conference Sponsor:Association of periOperative Registered Nurses
Conference Year:2011
Author:Bach, Nichole, BSN, RN, CAPN
P.I. Institution Name:University of Colorado Hospital
Contact Address:, Aurora, Colorado, USA
Co-Authors:Nichole "Nikki" Bach, BSN, RN, CAPN; and Janet Casabona-Benowitz, BS, RN, CNOR
[Poster presented at AORN's 58th Annual Congress] Clinical Issue: Incidences compromising patient safety identified, such as missing drains, skin issues, unusual dressing sites, conflicting intake, and output reports including estimated blood loss. No process in place for handoff communication between OR nurse and receiving PACU Nurse.

Description of Team: Operating room nurses from inpatient OR and outpatient OR; PACU nurses from inpatient and outpatient PACU; perioperative and perianesthesia educators; CRNA representative, and attending anesthesiologist representative, OR managers, and PACU managers.

Preparation and Planning: Group Quality Improvement meeting to assess goals, and plan team involvement; also to discuss current processes and changes needed for success. FOCUS-PDCA Process used to identify and plan the process and plans for re-evaluation after process implemented. Identified barriers to success, including increase in OR turnover times related to RN duties increasing.

Assessment: Staff survey via Zoomerang, literature review, analysis of current practice in similar facilities, and review of 2008 Joint Commission Patient Safety goals.

Implementation: Materials developed to aid in implementation for staff, education occurred via unit staff meetings, Go-Live date planned.

Outcome: Improved nurse to nurse communication resulting in practices consistent with patient safety standards; no increase in OR turnover times. Identified barriers came to light including resistance by some nursing staff to follow process and information being repeated by anesthesia provider and OR nurse. FOCUS-PDCA continues to address the identified barriers.

Implications for Perioperative Nursing: Communication improvement is paramount in nursing practice and patient safety. Fewer incidences of compromised patient safety have occurred since the implementation of this healthy handoff communication.
Repository Posting Date: 27-Oct-2011
Date of Publication: 17-Oct-2011
Sponsors: Association of periOperative Registered Nurses
Appears in Collections: AORN - Association of periOperative Registered Nurses

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