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dc.titleClinically Significant Changes in Numeric Rating Scale Scores Assigned by the Emergency Nurseen_GB
dc.description.abstract<table><tr><td colspan="2" class="item-title">Clinically Significant Changes in Numeric Rating Scale Scores Assigned by the Emergency Nurse</td></tr><tr class="item-sponsor"><td class="label">Conference Sponsor:</td><td class="value">Emergency Nurses Association</td></tr><tr class="item-year"><td class="label">Conference Year:</td><td class="value">2003</td></tr><tr class="item-author"><td class="label">Author:</td><td class="value">Strout, Tania D., RN, BSN</td></tr><tr class="item-institute"><td class="label">P.I. Institution Name:</td><td class="value">Maine Medical Center</td></tr><tr class="item-address"><td class="label">Contact Address:</td><td class="value">Dept. of Emergency Medicine, 321 Brackett Street, Portland, ME, 04102, USA</td></tr><tr class="item-phone"><td class="label">Contact Telephone:</td><td class="value">207/842-7049</td></tr><tr class="item-email"><td class="label">Email:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="item-abstract">Purpose: The objective of this investigation was to determine the minimum clinically significant difference in 11-point numeric rating scale scores (NRS-11) for pain assigned by emergency nurses. Design: The study employed a methodological design. Setting: This study was conducted in a Level-1 trauma center emergency department with 52,000 visits annually, located in New England. Sample: Emergency nurse (EDRN) volunteers who were currently employed in the hospital's emergency department were enrolled in the study. Methods: EDRNs were consented and enrolled in this IRB-approved study. Each EDRN sequentially reviewed 10 previously published scenarios describing patients in moderate to severe pain related to conditions commonly seen in an emergency department (ED). The EDRNs rated their perception of each patient's pain using the NRS-11, a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (worst pain). Participants compared this pain with the patient pain in the previous scenario. For comparison, EDRNs chose one of the following responses: &quot;a lot more,&quot; &quot;a little more,&quot; &quot;about the same,&quot; &quot;a little less,&quot; or &quot;a lot less&quot; pain. The minimum clinically significant difference was defined as the difference between scores for scenario pairs where a patient's pain was rated &quot;a little more&quot; or &quot;a little less&quot; severe. Results: Forty-one EDRNs were enrolled and 369 comparisons were made. 176 comparisons were rated as &quot;a little less&quot; or &quot;a little more&quot; pain. The mean difference between current and preceding NRS-11 scores in these comparisons was 1.36, SD + 0.62 (95% CI: 0.88 - 1.84). Conclusions: Findings suggest the minimum clinically significant difference in EDRN-assigned NRS-11 scores is 1.36. Studies that report a change of less than this may indicate statistical significance but may not indicate clinical significance. Additional research is needed to determine the minimum clinically significant difference in NRS-11 scores self-assigned by ED patients. [Research Presentation]</td></tr></table>en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipEmergency Nurses Associationen_GB
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