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Category: Abstract
Type: Presentation
Title: Sitter Protocol Development and Implementation: The Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Process Improvement and Resource Utilization
Author(s): Guin, Peggy
McGinnis, Cheryl
Author Details: Peggy Guin, PhD, ARNP, CNRN, Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA, email:; Cheryl McGinnis, MA, MSN, ARNP, CCTC
Abstract: Shands Hospital at the University of Florida is a 570-bed academic medical center that provides highly specialized, complex care to both pediatric and adult patient populations. Like many other hospitals, maximizing resources, optimizing patient safety and balancing the budget are goals that impact nursing and the delivery of patient care. Sitter utilization, averaging 3000 hours per month, was an area that offered opportunity for improvement. A team comprised of managers, staff nurses, clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) and the administrative director for patient care used the FADE2 (Focus, Analyze, Develop, Execute and Evaluate) process to address this problem. Problems identified with sitter utilization included: lack of specific criteria, variation in use, impact on staffing and budget, no defined mechanism to reassess patients' conditions for continued use once sitters were implemented. Internal data were analyzed, and benchmarking and literature reviews were completed. Process improvements included a written sitter protocol and verification form, coded reasons for sitter utilization, evaluation of the sitter job description and a survey tool to assess the effectiveness of the sitter role. The sitter protocol and CNS involvement have resulted in positive patient, staff and budget outcomes. Prior to the three-month pilot, 3rd quarter sitter hours were 8839. After implementation, 4th quarter sitter hours were 7101, resulting in a 19.6% decrease (1738 hours). Fourth quarter hospital savings were $15,208.00, based on an hourly sitter wage of $8.75 ($60,832 annualized). CNSs at Shands Hospital were instrumental in protocol development, patient assessments, nursing interventions, staff education and improved use of resources.
Repository Posting Date: 27-Oct-2011
Date of Publication: 27-Oct-2011
Conference Date: 2005
Conference Name: CNS Leadership: Navigating the Healthcare Environment Toward Excellence
Conference Host: NACNS - National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists
Conference Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Description: Conference theme: CNS Leadership: Navigating the Healthcare Environment Toward Excellence, held on March 9�12, 2005 in Orlando, Florida, USA
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