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Type: Funded-Local
Title: What are family members' opinion about their elderly relatives participation in research studies?
What are family members' opinion about their elderly relatives participation in research studies?
Family members of elderly patients are frequently involved in the decisions of whether their relatives should participate in research. The purpose of this study was to investigate the opinions of family members who have had an elderly relative participate in a research study. The theoretical framework was based on the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. A telephone questionnaire including demographical data and questions concerning the subject's opinion about his or her relatives' participation in a research study was designed by the investigator based on current literature and past experience. The questionnaire was completed by thirty-one subjects who had an elderly relative to participate in a research study within the last three years. Results were analyzed using the SPSS statistical program. The mean age was 55.7 years. There were 12 males and 19 females. The educational level varied from the sixth grade to the professional level. While 93.5% of these subjects had never personally participated in research, the group had general positive feelings about research with the elderly. Eighty percent of the subjects strongly approved the need to do a history, physical exam, and to obtain blood and urine tests in elderly research subjects. A least 93.5% rated as "extremely important" the need to know who is conducting the study, what the researcher will do with the data, what risks are involved, and the funding source. The positive results of this study are encouraging to nurses who will be involved with family members of elderly patients involved in research. Further studies should be directed to family members of elderly who have not been in a research study.
Research Data

Ending Year:1992
Study Type:Funded-Local
Theoretical Framework:none
Description of Sample:
Sample Size:
Number of Groups:
Sampling Plan:none
Minimum Age:
Maximum Age:
Data Collection Settings(s):Nursing Homes

Keywords: Health beliefs
Old old developmental stage
Family needs/family relationships
Parent/child relationships
Agencies/community/hospitals/nursing homes
Ethical issues
Repository Posting Date: 27-Oct-2011
Date of Publication: 1992
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