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dc.typeResearcher Studyen_GB
dc.titleThe dialysis diet and fluid non-compliance questionnaire (DDFQ): Validity testing of a self-report instrument for clinical practiceen_GB
dc.description.abstract<table><tr><td colspan="2" class="item-title">The dialysis diet and fluid non-compliance questionnaire (DDFQ): Validity testing of a self-report instrument for clinical practice</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="item-abstract">Objective: This study evaluated the validity of the Dialysis Diet and Fluid Non-compliance Questionnaire as a self-report instrument for clinical practice. The DDFQ was designed to measure non-compliance behaviour with diet and fluid guidelines in patients treated with hospital based hemodialysis in Flanders (Belgium). Design: A multicentre cross-sectional study design was used. Sample: The convenience sample of this study included 564 patients (49.1% male, 50.1% female) from 10 dialysis centres. Median age was 68 years (Q1 = 21, Q3 = 90), median length of time in dialysis was 29 months (Q1 = 1, Q3 = 297). Instruments: The DDFQ is new developed patient self report instrument consisting of four sub-scales. Two for the measurement of non-compliance behaviour with fluid guidelines and two for the assessment of diet non-compliance. Variables / Measures: Criterion and construct validity of the instrument was substantiated using correlation techniques (Kendall&rsquo;s Tau) between the DDFQ and biological (interdialytic weight gain) and biochemical (potassium, phosphate and serum albumin) ratings of non-compliance. Findings: Significant (p&lt;0.0001) correlations between the DDFQ and biological and biochemical ratings were found. Conclusions / Implications: The results of this study support criterion and construct validity of the DDFQ. It is an easy to use instrument to measure non-compliance behaviour at a low cost in patients treated with hospital based hemodialysis. Further research in other countries is necessary to establish cross-cultural validity of the DDFQ.</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="researcher-header">Research Data</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="researcher-data"><hr/></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Ending Year:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Design:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Study Type:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Theoretical Framework:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Description of Sample:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Sample Size:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Number of Groups:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Sampling Plan:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Gender:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Minimum Age:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Maximum Age:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Data Collection Settings(s):</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="researcher-data"><hr/></td></tr></table>en_GB
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