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dc.typeResearcher Studyen_GB
dc.titleAn Alternative Framework to Traditional Theoretical Principled Approaches to Ethical – Decision Making in Health Care: Preliminary Findingsen_GB
dc.description.abstract<table><tr><td colspan="2" class="item-title">An Alternative Framework to Traditional Theoretical Principled Approaches to Ethical &ndash; Decision Making in Health Care: Preliminary Findings</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="item-abstract">Objective: The growth of literature, and research studies in biomedical ethics, particularly in the past 25 years would seem to indicate that values and facts play an integral role in the future development and understanding of practical ethics within organizational structures. Traditional approaches to ethical decision making in health care have, however, generally tended to be principled in nature. There is an increasing awareness of the limits of this approach, particularly if the patient at the centre of care, their family and the nurses involved are excluded from the decision making process. The objective of this study is to answer the following research question: To explore and evaluate the knowledge bases and criteria used by nurses and physicians when faced with ethical dilemmas in the care of frail older patients within an organizational context. A further number of sub questions will include: an exploration of how, and if, this knowledge is exchanged between professionals (nurses and physicians), an exploration of the discourse and knowledge of patients and of how this articulates with that of professionals, exploring the role of the patient and their family in the decision making process, clarifying and making explicit the pathways taken by professionals when faced with an ethical dilemma when caring for older frail patients. Design: A qualitative approach using the ethnographic method. The research site will be an urban medical centre in Ireland. Population: A purposeful sample will be drawn from professional nurses, physicians, and patients under their care over the age of eighty and patients&rsquo; family members. Methods: Data will be collected using non-participant observation, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. The initial exploratory fieldwork has commenced. Findings: A summary of themes from non-participant observation and focus groups will be presented. An analysis of the preliminary data will be made and this will inform issues to be explored in the interview process. Conclusions and Implications: The study at this preliminary stage is particularly concerned with the development of a narrative discourse, one that in addition to medical clinical knowledge is inclusive of the voices of nurses, patients and their families and the knowledge that they draw on when faced with ethical-decision making.</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="researcher-header">Research Data</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="researcher-data"><hr/></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Ending Year:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Design:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Study Type:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Theoretical Framework:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Description of Sample:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Sample Size:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Number of Groups:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Sampling Plan:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Gender:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Minimum Age:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Maximum Age:</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr class="data"><td class="label">Data Collection Settings(s):</td><td class="value"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" class="researcher-data"><hr/></td></tr></table>en_GB
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