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Category: Abstract
Type: Presentation
Title: Interdisciplinary Care in the Elderly Diabetic Patient: A Systematic Review
Author(s): Phillips, Angela
Interdisciplinary Care in the Elderly Diabetic Patient: A Systematic Review
Conference Sponsor:University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, SON
Conference Year:2009
Author:Phillips, Angela, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, CNN
P.I. Institution Name:University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Contact Address:School of Nursing, 6901 Bertner Avenue, Houston, TX, 77030, USA
Contact Telephone:(713) 500-2156

PROJECT TYPE: Systematic Review of the Literature.

PRACTICE ENVIRONMENT: Primary Care Practice.

BACKGROUND: In the management of diabetes mellitus (DM), it is believed that a complex interaction takes place between medical professionals' treatment goals and patients. Although general consensus is that interdisciplinary treatment leads to better patient outcomes, it was unclear if there was scientific evidence to support this approach. Therefore, a systematic review of the literature was conducted.

PROJECT PURPOSE: The purpose of the investigation was to compare single provider primary care vs. interdisciplinary team approach to treatment of DM in the elderly.

ACTION/PLAN/PROCESS/METHODOLOGY: Using a rigorous systematic review strategy, a systematic review of the literature was conducted to ascertain the scientific evidence to support interdisciplinary treatment versus single provide treatment for older patients with DM in community health care settings. Using the search terms interdisciplinary care, elderly, and DM, six computer databases were used to seek out published studies. All types of research study designs were included.

PROJECT OUTCOMES: There were eight research studies that met the search criteria of describing community based care of elderly DM patients. All of the studies included in this review discussed how an interdisciplinary team improves in some way the outcomes of elderly DM patients. Eight research studies were located that met the search criteria. Two studies emphasized elderly DM patients needing further education to assist in the understanding of their plan of care. One study discussed the need to follow a specific type of plan or care model to decrease possible complications of DM. One study reported the need to involve community resources to improve the patients care. One study accentuated an improvement in self management skills by patients who were exposed to interdisciplinary care. Two studies discussed a mobile DM interdisciplinary care team that traveled to groups of patients. Finally, one study spoke of an advanced practice nurse led interdisciplinary care team that improved DM outcomes after twelve months.

SUMMATIVE STATEMENTS: Although there is some evidence to support interdisciplinary care for the elderly DM population, there is generally lacking high quality evidence to support this belief. The reports that exist are mostly expert opinion reports. There are few well designed studies to support the interdisciplinary care approach in the elderly DM population. Therefore, there is an urgent need for well-designed intervention studies that investigate interdisciplinary care vs. single provider primary care in the elderly DM population.

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Date of Publication: 2011-10-17
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