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Type: Research paper
Abstract: Purpose/Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate nurses’ clinical performance when assessing simulated patients using the Situation Awareness Global Assessment Tool (SAGAT). Rationale/Conceptual Basis/Background:  Patient simulators provide a safe environment for teaching nursing students clinical application of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they are learning in school. Simulation has the advantage of providing standardized experiences in patient care and gives faculty the opportunity to obtain objective measures of performance. Situation awareness means to know what is happening in a performance situation.  This knowledge is important for decision making.  SAGAT taps into a participant’s knowledge of a situation (Endlsey, 2000). Methods: Three emergency room scenarios were developed in which nursing students were to assess a patient and make a report to a physician by phone.  Scenarios were conducted in the SimMan patient simulator.  Ten nursing students volunteered to participate.  Each student participated individually in all three scenarios.  SAGAT measures were collected at four points during each scenario. Accuracy of the student’s statement of the patient’s blood pressure and pulse and lab report were the three outcome measures used in this study. Results: Nearly sixty percent of the time (59%), participants did not know the vital signs of the patient they were assessing, even though the VS were on the monitor beside the patient continuously and they had just left the patient’s side to give the SAGAT report. Only one of the participants realized that the UA showing infection was significant for the diabetic patient. Implications: Faculty can obtain a number of objective measures of student situation awareness using this approach to measurement.  These measures are useful in identifying student performance for teaching purposes.  Future research should include exploration of SAGAT methodology for hiring decisions, comparison of teaching methods and even for licensing of nurses.  In addition, this tool may be useful for designing bedside tools to support situation awareness in nurses.
Keywords: Nursing performance
Situation Awareness Global Assessment Tool
Repository Posting Date: 20-Feb-2012
Date of Publication: 20-Feb-2012
Other Identifiers: 5290
Sponsors: Western Institute of Nursing
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