Here you will find research, educational, and evidence-based practice materials carried out by nurses with extensive knowledge in the area of health information technology and more specifically in the area of Nursing Informatics. The aspect of technology crosses many areas of nursing and is used in both clinical and non-clinical settings. It is an effective tool in improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of the healthcare system.

Topics that can be found within this collection may include, but are not limited to:

Decreased Paperwork ♦ Expanded Access to Affordable Care ♦ Human Factors ♦ Improved Health Care Quality ♦ Increased Administrative Efficiencies ♦ Medical Error Reduction ♦ Nursing Informatics Best Practices ♦ Patient Care Classification Systems ♦ Reduced Health Care Costs ♦ System Design ♦ System Implementations ♦ Terminology Development ♦ Terminology Mapping ♦ Workflow Improvements ♦ Workflow Measurements

Prior to an item’s inclusion in this collection it has been through a peer-review process conducted by experienced nursing researchers.

If you are interested in submitting an item to this collection, please visit the author information page (www.nursinglibrary.org/vhl/pages/Author_Info.html)


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Copyright for all items submitted and posted to this repository will remain vested with the author(s) of each individual work. Please look for the Creative Commons License icon within an item information page, as authors may choose to select these licenses in order to place parameters on sharing their work with fellow researchers.