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The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health was founded in 1980. Its mission is to ensure the provision of quality primary and specialty health care to women of all ages by women’s health nurse practitioners and other women’s health-focused advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). NPWH seeks to improve women’s access to primary and specialty health care, increase women’s wellness and health outcomes, decrease health disparities affecting women, enhance women’s access to and knowledge of health resources, and protect and promote women’s rights to make choices regarding their health within the context of their personal belief systems.

NPWH serves APRNs nationally and internationally by providing education and resources to increase clinical competencies, advocating healthcare policies that support women and APRNs, collaborating with interprofessional strategic partners, mentoring the next generation of women’s health NPs and other women’s health-focused APRN leaders, and fostering evidence-based practice in women’s health through research.

This collection houses NPWH position statements, policy papers, and other NPWH authored documents. The goal is to support the mission of NPWH by sharing women’s health resources for best practice and evidence-based care to improve women’s health.

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