Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System


The Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System is the preferred clinical care nursing classification system of the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository (the "Repository")

Virginia K. Saba, EdD, Honorary PhD, DS. RN, FAAN, FACMI, LL, the creator and developer, with colleagues, of the CCC System Version 2.5 has granted permission for the Repository to utilize the CCC System and offer its contributors use of this system as their primary clinical care nursing classification system.

Potential repository contributors may find this system especially helpful with items that pertain to patient point-of-care assessment, documentation, and classification.  The CCC System offers a proven approch for documenting patient care in an electronic health record system.

The Repository utilizes library and information services industry standard subject heading classifications such as CINAHL, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) as the basis for the repository's controlled vocabulary for general indexing purposes.

Potential contributors who submit an item to the Repository may choose to access the CCC System via either of the following web links, ( or, and retrieve the CCC System concepts and codes in order to provide additional standardized keywords for their submissions, should they be appropriate.

The CCC System may also be used prior to submission as a dictionary and/or vocabulary resource. The CCC System provides a standardized terminology framework and a unique coding structure for assessing, documenting, and classifying the ‘essence of patient care’ by nurses and other clinical professionals in any health care setting. The CCC System consists of two interrelated terminologies: CCC of 176 Nursing Diagnoses with 528 Outcomes and the CCC of 802 Nursing Interventions / Actions, both of which are classified by 21 Care Components to form a single system.

A potential Repository contributor can use the CCC System to retrieve a standardized keyword (concept) and its code from the CCC web site shown above. The CCC System provides a listing of each of 176 Nursing Diagnoses and 201 Core Nursing Interventions, with a code, definition and classified by one of 21 Care Components. However, to retrieve an Expected or Actual Nursing Outcome one needs to ADD one of three qualifiers (Improved, Stabilized, or Deteriorated) to a Nursing Diagnosis. Whereas to retrieve a Nursing Intervention with an Action, one needs to ADD one of four Action Types (Assess, Perform, Teach, or Manage) to a Core Nursing Intervention. Examples of keywords (concepts) and codes for Nursing Diagnoses, Nursing Intervention Actions and Nursing Outcomes are shown in the first Video entitled an ‘Overview of the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) System, Version 2.5’ on the CCC System Web Site.

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