Henderson Repository Electronic Theses and Dissertations Project

If you hold a master's or doctorate degree in nursing, your electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) is likely housed in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database (ProQuest). Your ETD is an important part of the nursing profession. It deserves to be showcased with other works centered on nursing research and evidence-based practice. As the author and copyright holder, you deserve to see the benefits of dissemination. Past and present works need to be shared and preserved to provide a foundation and direction for future research and evidence-based practice materials.

For this participation opportunity, repository staff will upload your ETD on your behalf and email you the permanent link to your record. Less work for you! To assist you with making the decision, please see the table below and note the important differences between static and dynamic dissemination!




  (static dissemination)

 Henderson Repository

 (dynamic dissemination)

Copyright Retained by AuthorYesYes
Permanent URLYesYes
Global Reach No*Yes
Items Openly Available Upon Posting No* Yes
Focused on Nurses No*Yes
Free to Participating Authors No*Yes
Free to Patrons  No*Yes
Usage Data AvailableNo* Yes
Online Discussion TrackingNo* Yes§


In order to copy your dissertation or thesis from ProQuest to the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository (Henderson Repository) ETD community, your permission is needed.

If you are an active STTI member and want to receive credit for this opportunity. Do not follow the preceeding link. Log onto the Circle and complete the appropriate volunteer application.

If your dissertation/thesis was written prior to 1997, or your university did not participate in the ProQuest database, there is a high probability that your work is not available in ProQuest. In those cases, please feel free to attach your document file where indicated in the form. If you have a print copy of your dissertation/thesis and still want to participate, please contact us at repository@stti.org to discuss your options.

* ProQuest is a subscription-based service. It accepts final graduate works from many different graduate programs, physics, history, chemistry, journalism, to name but a few. The participating institution (e.g., university, college, hospital) subscribes to the database. The staff, students, and faculty of the subscribing institution may access the database while on campus or when using a VPN connection. Traditional citation data is made available to authors.

† Anyone with access to the Internet may view the items in the repository. The Henderson Repository is indexed in all of the major search engines in a way that pushes the repository records that match the user's search words/terms to the top of the list. Plus, its full-text searchable. When someone enters a word or phrase into a search engine, every word of every item in the Henderson Repository is examined for a possible match.

‡ The Henderson Repository features item level usage statistics that enable authors to view and track item views and file downloads around the globe. This quantifiable data may be presented to administrators and funders as proof of impact and as evidence of a need for future funding.

§ The Henderson Repository offers Altmetric® tracking which captures and collates digital conversations surrounding scholarly content from a range of online sources. Know what people are saying about your work. No more missed collaboration and funding opportunities. Address any misinterpretations about your work as they appear.