Authors submitting materials to the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository should be aware that an embargo* may be needed when:

  1. Submitting material to the Henderson Repository that has been previously published in a journal or book.
  2. Pursuing traditional publication in a journal/book with the exact same material that has been submitted and posted in the Henderson Repository (i.e., DNP capstone manuscript).

* An embargo period restricts access to the full-text file(s) attached to a repository entry. Restricted access and the time limit for the restricted access is determined by individual publisher or journal policies and not the Henderson Repository. These policies may be found by searching for a publisher or journal in the SHERPA/RoMEO database or on the individual publisher or journal website.

Embargo periods protect the author from violating standard traditional publishing policies. The Henderson Repository has no affiliation with publishers or individual journals and cannot assist authors with submissions to these publishing venues. The Henderson Repository’s sole interest in an author’s choice of journal is to ensure that submissions to this repository do not interfere with the traditional publishing process.

It is the author's responsibility to initiate embargo discussions with Henderson Repository staff.

To request an embargo, or ask a question about embargoes, please complete the Embargo Request form: