Nursing Informatics Best Practices Submission Guidelines


When submitting nursing informatics best practice materials to the repository's Health Information Technology collection, please be mindful of the following.

Nursing informatics best practices are materials that include, but are not limited to practices that:

  • improve nursing workflow,
  • facilitate communication among health professionals,
  • share standard data models and information regarding standardized terminologies, and
  • provide nurses with evidence-based decision support to improve patient safety and quality outcomes.

Submissions of this type may include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategies and/or methods to streamline nursing documentation to:
    • improve communication among health professionals, and
    • more effectively tell a patient's story.
  • Informatics tools developed to support best nursing practices by improving documentation in ways that:
    • facilitate the compilation of standard nursing data for "big data" analyses,
    • provide nurses with evidence-based decision support, and
    • provide timely feedback about nursing practice while advancing nursing science.
  • Evidence-based decision support tools
  • Methods for standardizing nursing documentation (e.g., LOINC)
  • Documentation usability and usefulness evaluation tools

Within the submission (i.e., an appropriate descriptive field, the abstract, the main document, or a supplement to the main document), please include:

  • A description of the purpose of the best practice,
  • A description of the practice's use/limitations in use,
  • A brief history of any revisions prior to submission to the repository, if applicable,
  • The plans, if any, for updating the best practice,  
  • The process of validating for generalizability and transferability, or lack thereof, and
  • Public contact information to facilitate continued discussions.

In Acknowledgment: The Henderson Repository would like to acknowledge the University of Minnesota Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science (NKBDS) Initiative for their input in refining the Health Information Technology collection's scope with regard to the submission of nursing informatics best practices. The NKBDS plans to support this collection's growth by submitting informatics tools authored and developed by NKBDS.