Additional submission instructions for authors submitting instruments, tools, and measurements.

Complete Tool, Instrument, Measurement
If you are submitting a complete instrument, tool, or measurement to the Henderson Repository, the following information is to be included as a closing section of the Abstract field.

If the information is too lengthy to be included in the Abstract field, please include it as a supplemental file to the submission record. If it is included as a separate file, please indicate as much at the close of your abstract information.

Dissertations/theses that include an instrument, tool, or measurement are acceptable for submission.
Executive Summary
If you are submitting an executive summary or unpublished manuscript in lieu of the instrument, tool, or measurement to the Henderson Repository, include the following information in the summary, with the addition of contact and purchase information.

Please note the option to submit an executive summary in lieu of the actual instrument, tool, or measurement is an exception to the Henderson Repository's general policies. This exception has been made to allow authors/researchers the opportunity to pursue remuneration for the use of their tools/instruments while allowing the Henderson Repository to gather and freely disseminate meaningful, useful, and necessary information to all who are interested.

Please click here to review information on executive summaries accepted by the Henderson Repository.

Failure to include this information in a clear and concise manner as described and exactly as requested will result in the rejection of the submission.

Required information:
  • Instructions for administration and scoring.
  • Permission for use and required attribution, if allowed.
  • Any special conditions for use.
  • Specify what modifications, updates, or translations are allowed, if any.
  • If your instrument has been modified, updated and/or translated, to your knowledge, please list those citations/references.
  • Include a link(s) to, or citation(s)/bibliography of the article(s) describing the psychometrics or validation, if available. If the psychometrics/validation information are not published, provide a brief description of the original properties. Example: efforts taken to establish validity and test of reliability.