National and International Nursing Organization, Journals - Collection Policies


Any active national or international nursing organization (the "organization") who publishes a scholarly and/or clinical journal may choose to participate in the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository (Henderson Repository) by requesting a collection in the Open Access Nursing Journals community.

There is no charge to the participating nursing organization for this service.

Whether you choose to showcase entire issues or select articles in this open access arena your organization will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Easier information discovery. The Henderson Repository is indexed in all of the major search engines allowing Internet users to search every word of every item posted in the Henderson Repository.
  2. Persistent access. All collection homepages and individual item records are assigned persistent URLS that will never change – no more dead links.
  3. Long-term preservation. We are committed to long-term access to, and preservation of, the items in the repository’s collections.
  4. Statistics. At the collection and item level the repository’s software allows you to track item views and download data. The Henderson Repository has also partnered with Altmetrics to allow you to track social media posts per item in the collection. Provide data to funders and administrators!
  5. Marketing potential. Permanent links to a collection homepage and individual items allow nursing organizations to place these links in advertising and promotional materials. Build your member and/or subscription bases while showcasing your journals. Use the open-access materials posted in the Henderson Repository to spark interest in the member-only, proprietary material kept on your organization’s website.
  6. Strength building. By locating resources in one free and open venue that is easy to find, search, and navigate, the voice of nursing is strengthened on a global level, garnering international respect for the nursing profession.

  • Prior to the creation of such a collection, the chief executive officer (or a designee of the chief executive officer) of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) must approve the organization's request for a collection.
  • The organization must be the corporate author and/or copyright holder of all submitted materials. If the organization changes its position on a topic or otherwise wishes to revise a document already posted in the repository, the initial entry and attached document will remain in the repository as a historical reference and will display a link to the new or revised entry.
  • Upon approval of a collection request, the organization must provide a logo and lead-in text for the collection's homepage.
  • The organization must allow the Henderson Repository staff at least 45 days from the date of the request until the collection is created and ready for use.
  • The organization may use the durable link to the collection's home page in any promotional materials and on its website.
  • The organization must designate a key person or key people to submit each item on behalf of the organization (the organization's "repository liaison[s]").
  • That person or those people will be given the appropriate submission rights and trained on the repository's submission process.
  • If the organization wishes to assign a new person or additional people to the repository liaison position, it is the responsibility of the organization to contact the Henderson Repository staff to alert them to the change.
  • Prior to posting, each item will be processed by a Henderson Repository staff member. Metadata will be added to augment descriptive content, and authoritative subject headings will be affixed to each record to facilitate organization and findability of the items within the repository. This process may take up to 90 days. Note: The content of each submitted document will not be edited or changed in any way. Items must be submitted in final format and ready for posting.
  • STTI and the Henderson Repository reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason which may include, but is not limited to, copyright infringement, plagiarism, incompleteness, poor preparation, derisive content, or subject matter that is in contrast to STTI's mission and vision.
  • All submitted and approved items will be open access and will not be hidden from public view.
  • All submitted and approved items will be displayed in the repository on a permanent basis. For further information on the repository's withdrawal policy, please see the withdrawal section of the repository's Author Policies.
  • If at any time the organization ceases to upload documents on a regular basis for one year — thus allowing the collection to become or remain inactive — and/or fails to designate a repository liaison[s] or fill the position should it become vacant, STTI and the Henderson Repository reserve the right to remove the collection from the community and/or rename it and absorb the submitted documents into other active collections within the repository if they so choose.
  • By choosing to request the creation of a collection and proceeding with this process, a nursing organization agrees to abide by the policies and statements as set forth above.

Contact Kimberly Thompson, MLS, Ruth Lilly e-Repository Manager, at to request your free collection now.

For a list of complete repository benefits and additional information about the repository visit the "Policies and Guidelines" page.