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Your school/college of nursing, nursing program (referred to collectively as "school" throughout this page) has agreed to participate in the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository (Henderson Repository) by showcasing your work in the repository's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation community.

There is no association between your school and the Henderson Repository beyond the mutual desire to increase the visibility of nursing research and evidence-based practice thereby strengthening the voice of the nursing profession.

The Henderson Repository is a free scholarly/clinical dissemination resource of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International.

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Most students find the repository's system easy to navigate without instructions. Should you require further assistance regarding submission, please refer to the documents below.

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Points of interest not covered in the above documentation:

  • Your school may choose to place document and formatting requirements on your submission in addition to those stipulated in the Henderson Repository's author policies. The Henderson Repository staff has no knowledge of these additional requirements and cannot advise you on compliance issues regarding any external policies. Please contact your faculty advisers for assistance with those requirements.
  • Your submission will not be peer-reviewed prior to posting in the repository. Your submission rests on the reputation of the academic institution that conferred your degree.
  • You will not receive a submission confirmation email. If your school administration requires proof of submission, please take a screenshot of the final submission page and email the image to them.
  • You will receive a system-automated congratulatory email once your item has been processed and posted by the Henderson Repository staff.
  • It may take up to 60 days after approval of your submission before your item is processed and posted in the Henderson Repository.

If the above documentation does not fully answer your questions or leads to additional questions or concerns, please contact the Henderson Repository staff at