STTI Chapters - Events Collection Policies and Workflow Options


This community is open to all STTI chapters (in good standing) to allow each chapter to disseminate the materials presented at a chapter hosted event (i.e., posters, oral presentation slides, handouts, and videos) while allowing the presenting authors to retain copyright to their work.

If a group of chapters wished to create a multi-chapter collection for a recurring consortium or region-based event, such a request will be permitted provided that all included chapter leaders agree upon participation.

If you are a chapter leader who is interested in this participation option, please read through the following instructions and policy.

Initial Steps.

STTI Chapter:

  1. A leader of an STTI chapter (in good standing) sends an email to indicating that the chapter wishes to participate in the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository. Henderson Repository staff will see that the message is also sent to the appropriate member(s) of STTI's Constituent Services Team.
  2. An initial call or online meeting will be set up to facilitate discussions regarding the creation of the chapter's collection in the Henderson Repository.
  3. The chapter supplies lead-in text and a suitable picture for its collection homepage.
  4. The chapter supplies the name of a volunteer from within its membership base who will serve as a liaison between the chapter and the Henderson Repository. The liaison will be responsible for completing or overseeing certain tasks in the workflow options as set forth below.
    • The chapter will be responsible for maintaining an active Henderson Repository liaison at all times.
    • The chapter will communicate any changes in the role of liaison to the Henderson Repository staff in a timely manner.
  5. The chapter chooses a workflow option (see below). Note, option 1 affords the greatest possibility of participation. Once an event is over, presenters typically move on to the next event/task and don't have time to look back. Circumstances may dictate that option 2 is the only viable choice for certain chapter events.

Henderson Repository:

  1. At the appropriate time, the collection is created and the permanent link is shared with the chapter liaison. This link may be used in the chapter's promotional materials, on their chapter website, and The Circle. A collection will not be created prior to one month in advance of the conclusion of the chapter's first anticipated event after opting to participate in the Henderson Repository.
  2. A spreadsheet template and presenter email* template are sent to the chapter liaison.
  3. The link to the appropriate Henderson Repository permission's form will be sent to the chapter liaison.
  4. The chapter liaison will receive an email invitation from the Henderson Repository's online file sharing account (OFSA), permitting file uploads to the chapter's designated folder within the system.
  5. Henderson Repository introductory demo sessions are offered to the liaison, if/as needed.

*The presenter email template is only necessary if workflow option 2 is selected.

Workflow Options.

Option 1 - Pre-EventOption 2 - Post-Event

1. The chapter sends out its usual Call for Abstracts and alerts potential presenters that the chapter is participating in the Henderson Repository.

1. Following an event the chapter sends out a templated email to their presenters. That email includes the link to the Henderson Repository Post-Event Permission Form.

2. The chapter includes the link to the Henderson Repository Pre-Event Permission Form in its customary presenter submission form, the intent to present form, or other standard presenter confirmation communication. In that same communication, the chapter should impose a deadline for submitting the permission form. The deadline should also be sent to the Henderson Repository staff at

2. In that same email, the chapter also gives presenters a deadline to submit the form and copies the Henderson Repository ( on the email so that the repository is aware of the date the email was sent and the imposed deadline for submitting the form.

3. The day after the deadline, a Henderson Repository staff person runs a report to create a list of those presenters who have granted permission to upload and post their materials to the repository. The report is emailed to the chapter's liaison.

4. The chapter liaison populates the spreadsheet with only those posters/presentations for which we have received upload permission.

5. The chapter liaison sends the completed spreadsheet to the repository at and also uploads all the "permission granted" poster/presentation files (in PDF format) to the chapter's designated folder in the OFSA.

6. A Henderson Repository staff person reviews the spreadsheet and the chapter's OFSA folder to make sure:

a. that all required fields are complete,

b. that it only contains presentations for which we have received upload permission,

c. that the chapter's OFSA folder contains only "permission granted" files, and 

d. that the author names have been verified through name authority work.

7. A Henderson Repository staff person sends the spreadsheet to the repository vendor for upload to the appropriate collection in the repository.

8. The chapter's liaison is notified when the posters/presentations have been uploaded to the chapter's collection.

9. A Henderson Repository librarian adds standardized subject headings to each presentation as time allows.


The time between the end of the event and the final upload of posters/presentations to the chapter's collection is dependent upon the following factors:

  1. The deadline for permission form submission as set by the chapter.
  2. The amount of time it takes the chapter's liaison(s) to complete the spreadsheet and upload the files to the OFSA.
  3. The number of posters/presentations to be uploaded.
  4. The amount of time it takes a Henderson Repository staff person to review the completed spreadsheet and files, and complete name authority work. This step may involve sending the spreadsheet back to the liaison(s) for additions/corrections.
    The Henderson Repository reserves the right to take from 30 – 90 days to complete step 4 depending upon the event’s size and the workflow demands on the repository staff at the time of upload. It may take longer if revisions are required and the spreadsheet is sent back to the liaison(s) for correction.

Note: There is no participation charge. The Henderson Repository is generously funded by a grant that allows it to provide these services to participating chapters at no cost.

Contact Kimberly Thompson, MLS, Ruth Lilly e-Repository Manager, at to request your free collection now.

For a list of repository benefits and additional information about the repository visit the "Policies and Guidelines" page.