STTI-hosted Event Session ID Key


This key pertains to item records from STTI-hosted events only.

Beginning with the Nursing Education Research Conference in 2016:

All STTI poster and session item records posted in the repository will have the following reference number indicated in the item record to facilitate access during and after the event. Event attendees may input the session ID (using the format outlined below) in the "Advanced Search" bar located in the top right corner. It is not necessary to register or log into the repository to view the materials housed in the various collections.


Note: Only those poster and session files for which we have received permission from the presenting author/copyright holder to post will appear in the repository as an item record. Abstract-only entries are not transferred to the Henderson Repository.


Format: Each ID will consist of the event code, 2-digit year, and a session code. Please do not use spaces (e.g., NERC15C01, INRC15PST452).

Event 4-letter Key:

  • International Nursing Research Congress = INRC
  • Biennial Convention = CONV
  • Creating Healthy Work Environments = CHWE
  • Leadership Connection = LEAD
  • Nursing Education Research Conference = NERC

Year Key:

  • 2015 = 15
  • 2016 = 16

Session Key (taken from the official event program):

  • Workshops - receive a “WKS” designation followed by a number that corresponds to their order in the program (e.g., NERC16WKS1, NERC16WKS2).
  • Plenaries - receive a “PLN” designation followed by a number that corresponds to their order in the program (e.g., NERC16PLN1, NERC16PLN4)
  • Sessions, Special Sessions, Symposia - receive designations that mirrors the session ID number in the program (e.g., A01, D02, E22, G14)
Note: Sessions and symposia have a group session title or symposium title added to each corresponding item record in addition to the individual presentation title. This allows items to be searched by the group title or the individual presentation title.
  • Posters - in events where posters are assigned numbers only, regardless of grouping, “PST” will be inserted between the year and the poster number (e.g., NERC16PST1, INRC15PST257). In events where posters are assigned topical codes, such as the Biennial Convention, use the assigned code as it appears in the program and drop the “PST” designation (e.g., CONV15CA1.13).

    Posters presented at International Nursing Research Congress are assigned sequential numbers despite being grouped by overall topic, the number alone appears beside the poster title, so use the PST designation in this case.