About the Henderson Repository

The Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository (Henderson Repository) is the only repository solely dedicated to sharing works created by nurses. It is an open-access digital academic and clinical scholarship service that freely collects, preserves, and disseminates full-text nursing research and evidence-based practice materials. The repository is a resource of the honor society of nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International.

All nurses are invited to submit research-related or evidence-based practice works. These works may be authored by a single nurse, multiple nurses, or a collaborative group that includes a nurse. There is no fee to submit, and authors retain copyright to their materials, maintaining control of their work via a self-archiving mechanism.

Anyone with Internet access may use the repository at no charge. A full-text search capability ensures that items stored in the repository are easily retrievable. The repository includes dissertations, theses, study reports, conference papers, committee reports, faculty-created learning objects, presentation slides, conference papers, and pre- and post-print journal articles. The repository also houses more than 38,000 study and conference abstracts.

The submission process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. All entries to topical collections under the Independent Submissions community are peer-reviewed prior to posting (a unique feature compared to other repositories). See a complete list of communities and collections.

Individual Submissions (peer-reviewed)

Nurses are encouraged to submit their full-text white papers, reports, dissertations, articles, or any other research-related or evidence-based practice materials for which they have copyright ownership or written permission. Interested in submitting to any of the collections under the Independent Submissions community?

Visit the authors section on the "Policies and Guidelines" page to learn more.

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