Henderson Repository Author Preauthoriation Information


Important information to note before starting a submission to this repository.

  1. Self-archiving of previously published materials. Some publishers and individual journals have placed certain conditions on authors regarding their rights to self-archive published materials in a repository.

    These conditions may include, but are not limited to:
    • Stipulations on which version(s) of the published writing may be deposited in a repository:

       Preprint—the author’s final draft as initially submitted to the publisher and prior to peer-review revisions.
       Post-print—the version of the article prior to publishing, but after peer-review revisions.
       As-published version—the version of the article that has undergone peer-review, editing, and formatting and appears in the print or online edition of the journal.
    • Time restrictions on when a previously published writing may be deposited in a repository, commonly known as embargo polices.
    For more information on these policies and restrictions, please search the name of the specific journal in the SHERPA/RoMEO database.

    It is the author's responsibility to determine the journal's requirements and to request an embargo on his or her repository submission, if necessary. Contact the Henderson Repository staff at repository@stti.org with any questions.

  2. Pursuit of traditional publication with material that has been previously posted in this repository (e.g., DNP capstone manuscripts). Some publishers and individual journals consider depositing an item in an open-access, subject-based repository such as this one to be a form of prior-publishing and therefore may not accept the item for publication in their journal. If a journal refuses to consider an article that has circulated as a preprint, that is an optional journal-submission policy, not a requirement of copyright law. (Some journals do hold this policy, called the Ingelfinger Rule, although policies vary widely.)

    It is the author's responsibility to check prior publication rules in the author information section of the target journal and to request an embargo, if necessary. This information is also available by searching the name of the specific journal in the SHERPA/RoMEO database.

    To discuss the details of traditional publishing policies and embargoes, please contact the Henderson Repository staff at repository@stti.org. It is the author's responsibility to initiate this discussion.

  3. Concerns regarding confidential information. Please consider if your research and/or data is of a sensitive nature and divulges trade secrets or other confidential information that should not be openly available to the public. Your submission will not be scrubbed or otherwise edited prior to its availability on the Internet. It is the author's responsibility to remove all such information from the material prior to submission.

  4. Document copyediting and proofing. The Henderson Repository does not offer copyediting services; this includes proofreading. Please make sure that your submission is ready for public dissemination at the time of submission. This includes removal of all signatures, if applicable.

  5. Permanent nature of postings. Note that your submission to the repository, once posted, is permanent and will be taken down only under limited circumstances. (See the Henderson Repository's Policies and Guidelines for further information.) Please do not use submissions to the repository as a trial run for publishing the same material in a journal.