Benefits of Posting in the Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository

Benefits to individuals:

  • Increased visibility of the work via an open-access, worldwide, online resource backed by STTI (Research has shown that work published in open-access repositories can gain up to 300% more citations than research published in journals that limit access through paid subscriptions. That results in increased exposure to your work. Increasingly, more research funding bodies are insisting that work carried out under their grants must also be deposited within an institutional or subject specific repository.)
  • Ability to quantify impact of posted works via built-in statistics features. Track item views and file downloads, plus follow social media mentions via Altmetric.
  • Free and convenient way to preserve clinical and/or scholarly output
  • Copyright retention by the author
  • Credibility of peer-review process prior to an item's acceptance and posting
  • Increased impact on the nursing research community due to enhanced visibility/ease of access
  • Permanent web link to each submission that may be listed on a resume, personal/faculty web page, tenure dossier, or curriculum vitae
  • Enhanced prominence in search results returned on various online search engines
  • Perpetual storage - submissions are permanently stored on secure servers
  • Free researcher page within the repository to share bio information, promote research and/or teaching interests, gather all submitted works from within the repository, and link to external research items

Benefits to schools of nursing, nursing organizations, hospitals and healthcare facilities (group(s)):

  • Increased visibility via a repository collection homepage bearing the name and logo of the group. (The homepage has a permanent link so the group may feel free to post the link on their website and promotional materials.)
  • Free and convenient means to preserve, organize, and share approved student, or corporately-authored work with a worldwide scholarly and clinical audience.
  • Strengthened impact of the group’s mission and research interests through association with this STTI-backed resource.
  • Student participants associated with schools of nursing and individual nurse authors associated with a participating group have the same benefits as individual submitters.