Browsing tips.

Browse allows you to go through a list of items in some specific order.

The various browse options are listed on the left-hand navigation bar, which remains visible except during the submission process.

Browse by communities/collections

This link will display the full hierarchy of communities and their underlying collections.

 Other browse options

The other browse options are based on item information fields and will allow you to browse the repository content based on the filter selected. You can switch between browse lists, and choose different ordering and display options* or jump to a specific location within the list. *Remember to click the "Update" button once you have made your changes.


Browse "Researchers" option

The browse Researchers page will list only those authors who have a publicly visible repository researcher page and so does not utilize the same behavior as the other browse options.

Date issued versus date submitted

The date issued is the date the work was first made publicly available; for example, the date it was published in a journal.

The date submitted is the date the item was archived within the repository. If the item has not been published before - the "date issued" and "date submitted" dates will be the same.

Browse within communities and collections

Each community and collection has additional browse options within it. Browsing a community will also browse any sub-communities or collections within it.