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About the author: Mary Ellen Wurzbach

Title: Mary Ellen Wurzbach, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP, PhD

Department: University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, College of Nursing - John McNaughton Rosebush Professor Emerita

Field: Nursing Ethics and Philosophy

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

Phone: (920) 231-8570


Research interests:

Evidenced Based Practice – Myths of Moral Education. .......Summary of 30 years of research on moral uncertainty, moral certainty, moral comfort and moral regret........History of Stewardship in Nursing Ethics.

Teaching interests:

Dr. Wurzbach has completed 100 theses and clinical papers as a Chair or Member using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. In addition, she has supervised approximately 50 independent studies by both undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Wurzbach has taught clinical in 20 different agencies including hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, day care centers, and public health agencies. Her students have completed more than 75 Aggregate/Service-learning projects including medication disposal programs, disaster training for the elderly, health fairs and bicycle rodeos. Dr. Wurzbach also developed three on-line courses in ethics (graduate and undergraduate) and one in end-of-life care. She also developed an in-classroom course - Ethical and Legal Foundations of Nursing. Several years ago Dr. Wurzbach developed the first course for the new Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program in the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh College of Nursing entitled Philosophy, Theory and Ethics in Advanced Nursing Practice. Through the years she has guest-lectured more than 50 times on the subject of nursing ethics. Nationally she developed one of the first nursing ethics courses, both in the classroom and on-line, and taught it for thirty years. She also developed and taught the first undergraduate on-line palliative care nursing course and the first graduate primary healthcare nursing ethics on-line course in the country.

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Moral Integrity Matters!

Wurzbach, M. E. (2012). Moral integrity matters!. Reflections On Nursing Leadership, 38(4), 28-28 1p.

Nursing ethics and Hagar the Horrible

Wurzbach, M.E. (2005). Nursing ethics and Hagar the Horrible. Reflections On Nursing Leadership, 31(3), p. 18-19, 28.

The Dilemma of Withholding or Withdrawing Nutrition

Wurzbach, M.E. (1990). The Dilemma of Withholding or Withdrawing Nutrition. Image: the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 22(4), p. 226-230.

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Experiencing Moral Uncertainty in Practice

Moral Regret - The Experience of Breaches of a Nursing Ideal

Treatment Trials - The Need for an End-of-life Policy

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These reviews were written as an Editorial Chair for STTI and Doody Publishing.

- folder: Community Health Nursing

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- folder: Nursing Theory

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- folder: Books

Wurzbach, M.E. (2002; 2004). Consulting Editor 2nd Edition. Community Health Education and Promotion: A guide to program design. Gaithersburg, MD; Aspen Publishers, Inc. Republished by Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2004. Bestseller.

- folder: Journal Articles

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